Sunday, January 25, 2009

All-Star Dinner

This week Jen had the pleasure of going to everyone's favorite state: Utah! While she was off hanging out with her peeps in Salt Lake City I was living the bachelor life back in New York. I spent the majority of this time blowing my nose as I was was suddenly hit with a terrific cold. Luckily it was quick-moving enough that I was still able to function, go to work, and make uninspired meals.

One such uninspired meal began with leftover tofu, the remaining basil pesto from the fridge, greens, and some toasted naan bread. I rolled it up and ate it like a sandwich. A vegan salad sandwich.

But cleaning out the fridge was not the only thing I did while Jen was away. I also tended to my crops.

As you can see, the thyme in our AeroGarden is practically taking over the apartment. Just look at how tiny it makes FDR's head look!

Jen returned late last night, too late for dinner. This morning we wasted several hours on Sporcle and were suddenly hungry. I quickly whipped up some miso soup for lunch and then we watched Ghost Town and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, a fantastic afternoon double feature!

For dinner was Jen's favorite: roast chicken, an official welcome home after her journey to everyone's favorite state.

After dinner we started watching the NHL All-Star Game. The commentators on Versus talked about how Montreal is synonymous with hockey. I do not think that word means what they think it means. They're also talking a lot about how the ghosts of the old Montreal Forum have somehow traveled to the new arena and they're all watching the game. It's unclear exactly how they accomplished this. Perhaps it was via some sort of supernatural bus line. Undead Greyhound, perhaps?

I can't wait until the intermission tarot card reading!

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