Saturday, November 29, 2008

Soup and an Impromptu "Adventure"

This morning started a bit late with us sleeping in, again, to the late hour of 9:00AM. After that we woke up to a morning of watching that new Beyoncé video where she implores women to make their men put a ring on it while showing off her unexplained cyborg hand.

For lunch I made a very fast turkey soup out of the leftover turkey, the turkey stock, some of the roasted vegetables, the glazed turnips, the remainder of the arugula (which had frozen for some reason), and some of the fusilli from a few days ago. With no bread available I toasted up some of the naan we had in the freezer. It was a light lunch, probably too light to sustain us through our impromptu afternoon jaunt.

We ended up unexpectedly at The Met where I mimicked the catlike statues in the Egyptian exhibit. Jen makes a weak argument that my attempt to simulate whiskers with my fingers does not come across. I think it's obvious by this photograph that I am a master of animal disguise.

Jen, however, can barely pull of this sphinx imitation. Pathetic.

We accidentally wound up getting tricked into going in the American exhibits. Instead of looking at things that were 4000 years old, we were now looking at some parlors from the 1850s. Somehow not quite as impressive.

Eventually we came full circle and ended up seeing a different portion of the Egyptian exhibit. It was then that I was able to fulfill my childhood dream of posing with a fat sarcophagus.

We left the house to try to go to a new restaurant that just opened on 181st street but Jen was so overwhelmed by the cold (it was only 45 degrees) that we turned around and headed to the marginally closer Coogan's.

When we arrived at Coogan's it had already been heavily decorated for the holidays, inside and out. It was nice to take a night off from turkey and let Coogan's do the cooking for us. I had the monthly special: fish tacos. Jen had a cheeseburger. We both ate way too much because we were starving from not eating anything all day (since lunch, anyway). Then we waddled home where we settled down with some tea and the New Jersey Devils game.

What will happen tomorrow? Will we be return to our turkey roots? Or will we decide to make the remaining turnip from the farm share? Only time will tell. There can be only one . . . dinner.

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