Sunday, November 16, 2008

An Intrepid Dinner

Today, as promised, we attended one of our nation's treasures: The Intrepid Air, Sea & Space Museum!

It begun with a 45 minute wait in line. When we approached the front of the line we found a door that was being held open by what must've been one of the relics from the museum: an old-fashioned wooden door stop! Evidently there was not a great deal of time put into door stops during the two years the museum had been closed for renovations.

We killed some time before meeting up with some friends by checking out the Concorde they have on display. Sadly they didn't allow for sitting in the cockpit, you could just squeeze your way down the narrow aisle and imagine what it would have been like to be a skinny business man in the 80s.

After meeting up with our friends we appreciated the Sunk/Probably Sunk record of the Intrepid. If I were the captain of the Intrepid (could happen) I'd have beefed up the Probably Sunk a little more. This is a situation that just lends itself perfectly to padding the numbers.

One of the best things about World War II was that you could just make posters where you made extraordinarily offensive caricatures of as many races as possible and it was okay. Best of all, most people would not even notice! Hooray for the 1940s!

Here's our friend Eli on the bridge of the Intrepid with his first mate, Jen. Don't worry, his parents were there too. We didn't steal this baby or anything.

When we returned home we continued our usage of the pomegranate and pistachios by making this salad with a little goat cheese added into the mix.

For the main course we roasted a chicken breast with onion, garlic, carrots, rutabaga, potato, butternut squash, and broccoli. Most of it was from the farm.

It is very rare but I had a little port after dinner as we were still pretty cold from our freezing day outside on the aircraft carrier. The plus side to port is that it's delicious. The negative is that it's hard not to feel like a pretentious prat when you're drinking it. I'm even a little ashamed admitting I had some after dinner.

However, I'm not ashamed at all to mention that we've already watched two episodes of Psych and it's not even 9:00PM yet!

Maybe my shame is misplaced.

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