Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Back to Boring Town

Well, as we have little left other than a few heads of garlic (I'm going to miss getting an unending supply of "free" garlic from the share) I'm afraid our usage of these wonderful vegetables is drawing to a close for the season. I suppose that's not entirely true. This Saturday we get our first ever winter share allotment which will be coming to us now on a monthly basis.

That means you may see more root vegetables in the coming months than you care to see. That being said we may have to eat more than we care to eat. That's saying quite a bit because I looooooove me some root vegetables.

Without a steady influx of vegetables this week I resorted to keeping things quasi-seasonal in the interim. Tonight I did an alternate take on last night's salad, segmenting the clementines and tossing the segments in hot sauce and salt. I combined with some feta, greens, and pistachios.

For the wine we had Cycles Gladiator. This was picked using my patented cool label/name/low price method. The wine features a naked redhead and a bicycle. How cool is that? The fact that it is called Gladiator is baffling but compelling. The back of the label might as well have a crudely drawn pile of cow excrement in place of text. The label begins like this: "The invention of the bicycle ushered in a new spirit of freedom during the late 19th century." It then goes on some more about bicycles and French printer G. Massias's mythological artwork which graces the label. Not once does it mention anything about wine, the flavor of said wine, or the relevance of naked redheads!

The main course was rather boring but still welcome as a late dinner (10:00PM) at least by our standards. It was a simple, pan-roasted chicken breast with sauteed spinach, edamame, and baked potato served with a slice of cornbread.

Overall: pretty boring.

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Sandy said...

Speaking of garlic, my friend brought me garlic in two convenient ways. One was a jar of garlic cloves peeled and covered with olive oil. This lasts indefinitely in the refrigerator. I'm sure this is a well-known method. The other method was peeled garlic cloves in a ziploc baggie which you keep in the freezer. It can be grated directly into your recipe. It is really convenient also. I was throwing away garlic that would get dried up or brown, but now I always have plenty of ready garlic at hand.

Unknown said...

Not too shabby. I usually have no trouble going through garlic before it goes bad. :)