Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sole Man

Today I spent the afternoon on Long Island. The traffic on the way home worked up a man-sized hunger that I could only satiate with Hungry Man delicious steamed white fish. (That is what we, in the business, call foreshadowing).

The salad was simply the remainder of our mixed greens with some roasted chestnuts, some feta cheese and some tomato. I only put tomato on Jen's salad as I have become tomato-leery in recent off seasons. I just can't trust a tomato in the colder months. But I'm a jerk. Mothers, don't let your babies grow up to be like me.

For dinner the highlight was truly the boiled potatoes. I don't know how they achieve such a tasty potato at the farm but somehow they taste more like a potato than any potato I've ever had. I just drizzled a little olive oil and melted butter and cracked some pepper over the top. I didn't even salt them they were so flavorful.

To accompany the potato I made some sole filets and steamed edamame that I sprinkled with cayenne.

So, that's it. The potato was the last of the farm share. However, we have our fresh new winter share popping up this Saturday. Stay tuned this weekend when we may have an incredible adventure with some root vegetables. The adventure may include finding interesting ways to cook them.

Alternately it may involve us dressing them up in tiny homemade clothing and giving them names. "Meet my friend, Mr. Parsnip and his colleague, Dr. Rutabaga. Today they're going to solve a murder!"

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Sandy said...

Like Clue only with vegetable characters. What don't you trust about tomatoes after the summer - the flavor? That I can agree with. Down with plastic tomatoes!