Sunday, July 13, 2008

S'more, please

Another Sunday, another catch-up entry. And I must admit, this was not a weekend of much CSA inventiveness. I'll put a CSA score at the end of each entry to track.

Friday night was the night before our friend Heather (of the Wii asskicking fame)'s birthday, so to celebrate, we met her and some friends at Jimmy's No. 43, a bar in the East Village with amazing nosh. Nate and I enjoyed some delicious Hefeweizen (I may or may not have enjoyed more of it than Nate) and split some beer sausages and hickory-smoked bacon with grits, before proceeding to some molasses-glazed lamb ribs and an open-faced beef burger on a bagel. It was fantastic, but I had to throw up my hands and say that I may have reached my meats limit. Farm share use: Null set.

Yesterday, Nate's cousin Jeff came up to watch the Tour de France and ride with Nate, so we took him to Plum Pomidor for lunch, and then finished later with dinner at Coogan's. Farm share use: nil.

This morning being a mountain stage, we woke up at 7 to watch the highly trained professional athletes of the Tour cross the Pyrenees via bike while we ate fantastic, flaky, 72-layer cream cheese biscuits made by a genius in Maine.

Then Nate and Jeff rode.

Then, many sweat-pounds later and after having circled the island of Manhattan, they returned.

We had strength-restoring sandwiches from Jou-Jou for lunch, and I had some mint limeade that was basically the most delicious beverage I had ever had. I plan on reverse engineering that and making it a Ernst-Beaudry home staple, stat!

For dinner, Nate made a delicious salad and then some sauteed spinach, mashed turnip, baked potato and sole cooked with olive oil and lemon juice. It was very tasty, but Nate was dissatisfied with the plates because they were "too white." (Just like us! Zing!) I am less picky about such matters, and therefore enjoyed the meal more. Who wins there?

Then we had s'mores. Made in the microwave. Urban living is not without its drawbacks, but even a microwave s'more is better than no s'more at all.

Farm share use: 2 -- turnips and the ever-present, always useful garlic scapes.

Overall, this week was the poorest showing we've made so far. We had to throw out the bok choy because we didn't use it up before it became too limp and sad-looking. (Partially the fault of our crappy fridge, but mostly our fault for not using it up soon enough). We have one more dinner before we lay in new supplies -- this week, I'm hoping we get a non-strawberry fruit, and, always, I'm excited about what kinds of new veg we'll find.

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