Friday, July 25, 2008

Hot Dog! It's Cabbage!

Jen finally got a rest from her long multiple-week busy stretch at work and actually got home early today. Even though we had ample time to prepare an elaborate meal tonight, I went for something extremely easy.

I started off with a few cheeses, bread and the leftover pesto. The cheese selection included: Danish Blue, Uniekaas Reserve Aged Gouda, and Lincolnshire Poacher.

The salad was another boring one. Should I just start leaving the salads out? It was the last of the mixed greens and some red leaf. The red leaf has not held up well since Tuesday night. I'm trying to think that I need to consider alternative lettuce storage methods to prevent the greens from wilting so quickly. The salad also had tomatoes, cucumbers, pecans, goat cheese and red onion with lemon, olive oil, salt, and pepper.

For dinner I brought out leftover ratatouille and also made this braised cabbage with bacon, onion, cabbage and a touch of cider vinegar. I cooked it down quite a bit and it was the perfect accompaniment to our main course.

Hot dogs! See, I told you tonight was easy. And what does one put on hot dogs? Well, I do ketchup, mustard and celery salt. Although I came extremely close to either making the greatest culinary mistake or greatest culinary discovery when I nearly put cardamom on the hot dogs accidentally.

Jen and I decided that the perfect cap to this dinner would be to go out to the Mister Softee truck. The truck wasn't at its normal location but we spotted it up a couple of blocks so we crossed the street and began our approach. At the moment we reached the truck it pulled away and we were left standing on the curb amongst the disappointed children.

There was another truck across the street but it was one of those trucks that deals exclusively in popsicles poorly shaped like superhero's heads.

It was at that point that we decided we would have dessert at home.

On the walk home it appeared that the sun was going supernova. This was not good. In the spectrum of supernovas it goes from champagne to star with star being the worst. But it was okay because we were going to have ice cream!

I still had some of the strawberry ice cream we'd made with farm share strawberries stashed in the freezer. I made an odd choice to top it with our farm share blueberries and I melted some chocolate over the top as well. The result was far more pleasing than I would have imagined.


Sandy said...

The ice cream looks delicious, but I admit that the item that had my mouth watering was the cabbage!

Unknown said...

The cabbage is even better the second day!

Lisa Marie said...

I made Adam into a cabbage lover with a very similar dish. I don't braise it though, just stir fry it till it's a little soft and browned in spots. Cabbage is so ridiculously inexpensive, it's almost criminal not to be eating it all the time!