Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cabbage, The Legend Continues

Welcome back, cabbage heads! Be prepared for the stunning sequel to last night's cabbage (and hot dog) tale.

Tonight's mission was simple: make stuffed cabbage. The problem was how exactly to best achieve this. I had picked up some ground bison on Thursday hoping to somehow work it into a meal. My original plan was to use the bison in the stuffed cabbage but I decided that that would take away too much from the flavor of the cabbage. It also wouldn't serve the bison very well.

So, instead, I wanted to feature the flavors of our farm share vegetables predominantly.

What I did was to cut up some of our garlic, onion, pepper and zucchini (all from the farm share) and saute them in a little olive oil. I also added some Jersey tomatoes which were not quite as great as everyone's been making them out to be.

Simultaneously I made a tomato sauce with another of the Jersey tomatoes and some of the farm share onions.

I then added some arborio rice and cooked it with a little water until it was fully done.

I boiled some whole cabbage leaves then chilled them in cold water before wrapping them with some of the vegatble and rice mixture.

Then I placed all the rolls on a nice bed of the tomato sauce and placed it in the oven for about 35 minutes.

I won't bore you with yet another green salad. I'm hoping for some interesting produce next week so I can make some slightly different salads. I love lettuce with lemon, olive oil and tomatoes but I didn't feel the need to put yet another picture of a plain salad on the blog.

When I was done I realized that between the salad and the main course we had a completely vegan dinner prepared for us. Lately I've been loving the challenge of cooking vegan. It was pretty tasty as a vegan dish.

However, putting about half a cup of grated Parmesan on top of it made it even more delicious!

And this wine, featuring a hot air balloon, was the perfect accompaniment to our dinner. I imagine that it is the balloon from The Mysterious Island and it is about to crash land on a strange island. Except instead of being uninhabited, this island is inhabited by two yuppies who enjoy watching Psych while they eat their dinner. Because they are wannabe senior citizens.


Make sure to tune in to the stunning conclusion of the cabbage trilogy tomorrow night!


Sandy said...

What a great meal. I'm hanging on for the next installment.

Lisa Marie said...

Yay for cooking vegan!!