Monday, July 21, 2008

Cleaning Out The Fridge

Jen had to go to work early today and work late tonight so before I went to work I put together a quick pasta with all the remaining produce.

I roasted the Italian peppers on our stove's burner, then covered them to let them steam up a bit so I could remove the skin. I also steamed up the remaining kohlrabi then sliced it up along with the peppers and tossed it all together with yesterday's pesto.

The result was pretty tasty. The kohlrabi lost a lot of bitterness after steaming and was actually very sweet and buttery.

Now our fridge is cleaned out, almost 100% free of produce, just waiting for tomorrow's pickup. As a normal week does, this week's menus sort of fizzled out as the produce choices ran out. It will be interesting to see what tomorrow holds. I would like to try a little harder to capture the essence of each ingredient (a la Iron Chef, the original Iron Chef, not the crummy American version).

That is the trouble with getting all these great fruits and vegetables: part of me wants to be creative, part of me just wants to eat the vegetables nearly plain or simply cooked to enjoy them without excessive cooking and seasoning.

Unless they are nasty cucumbers, then I will boil them, season them up and still think they are disgusting.


Lisa Marie said...

Who boils a cucumber? Seriously!

Unknown said...

Who EATS a cucumber? Gross!