Monday, February 25, 2013

Wombats Internationale

Saturday night, after a mere 13 hours of preparation, we were ready to begin our journey north to Quebec. It's remarkable how many hours of preparation are needed for a mere six hour car drive, not to mention that we split it up into two days. Our last trip to Quebec probably took about 45 minutes of preparation and we were foolishly stressed out about it.

I now realize if you do not have children you actually have no right to be stressed about anything. I've learned a lot this year.

Wombats in Saratoga Springs

The guys were delighted by their hotel in Saratoga Springs. After sleeping the entire car trip they burst into life at the hotel. We asked at the desk if we could bring them down to the restaurant for a quick drink before bed and they told us that we could. After packing them up and bringing toys we lugged them downstairs to find out that the restaurant was closed and they were liars. Dirty, stinking, liars.

Nothing beats falling asleep with a really good book.

Once back in our room the boys, for some unknown reason, instantly fell asleep in the cribs the hotel had set up for us. Elliott fell asleep reading a book and Martin just chatted with himself until he fell asleep. We briefly considered stealing these magical cribs and taking them with us but probably figured it wouldn't be the same as stealing a robe or a towel and that charges may be pressed. We didn't need that kind of drama.

Official Saratoga Springs Water in Saratoga Springs

Instead of sampling some of the local beer we settled down to a $6.00 bottle of local spring water which was provided for our convenience (read: their profit). It was actually extremely tasty and I look forward to picking some more up at the grocery store when we get back home for a mere $1.49.

Babies at Breakfast

Martin with Bandito Bib

For breakfast the following morning we took the guys to the restaurant where they had their first high chair experience partly for the food and partly because they got to destroy everything within their reach while Jen and I huddled over on one side of the table.

First Panera Bread experience.  Martin is AMPED!

For lunch we journeyed all over town until we found a Panera Bread and the babies enjoyed yet another high chair experience. Martin mostly slept, Elliott went hog wild eating his lunch, and the woman that worked at the counter made no secret of the fact that she would be much happier if I was dead.

In this family everyone does their fair share.  Elliott's taking his turn at the wheel.  I'm going to nap in the back.

After a few minutes on the road Elliott lost his mind and after a ten minute wrestling match Jen gave up on trying to breast feed him. Instead he was content to stand up in the driver's seat and pretend to drive the car. That brought up an interesting question: was he fussing because he was hungry or did he actually just want to pretend to drive the car.

Jen's accent will start slipping in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . @jenernstbeaudry

After a few hours in the car the boys needed to eat. Badly. We were only 30 minutes from our destination so we decided to just gun it and wait until we got there. After two straight days of being exceptionally well behaved about this whole matter they had finally decided that this breach of our normal routine was unacceptable and began to lose their minds. Jen was able to distract them for the final fifteen minutes by singing them French nursery rhymes. I was able to distract myself by humming along with my best French hum.

Humming is like the universal language.

Cousins.  #feelthelove

Once at the family's house the boys were finally able to meet their cousin and bask in the joy that was his magic, glowing aquarium.

Martin's first Mum-Mum.

Martin also enjoyed his first experience with baby Mum-Mums. We gave them to him without a bib only to discover that they turn into a sloppy, sticky mess after a matter of seconds.

We were not averse to putting them to bed with dirty, crusty pajamas.

For the second night in a row.

Quebec beer, this time actually in Quebec.  Simple Malt Double Porter.

More Quebec beer.  Simple Malt Altbier.

While the guys got Mum-Mums as a special treat I was treated to some fantastic Quebec beers (my mother-in-law can stop reading now).

I tried the Simple Malt Double Porter and the Simple Malt Altbier from Brasseurs Illimités, a brewery I hadn't heard of until last night. Both were excellent and I look forward to a week of new Quebec beers that are unavailable in the States.

Jen's cousin informs me of a store in town with a fantastic selection of beers and sausages.

I have put all of our other travel plans on the back burner until this visit is accomplished.

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