Saturday, February 9, 2013

How To Survive a Blizzard with No Preparation

We did not prepare for this storm in any way. We didn't rush to go to the grocery store, we bought no additional milk or bread. This was an extremely risky test. Would we be able to weather a blizzard and not die of starvation without going to the grocery store ahead of time. In fact, we hadn't bought any groceries since Tuesday.

We're risk takers. What can I say?

Tuna Melt with Hop Pickles and Gruyere

For lunch I managed to cobble together this tuna melt using bread from the freezer, canned tuna, hop pickles, onion, celery, hot sauce, horseradish mustard, dill, lemon juice, Gruyere, olive oil, butter, and potato chips.

No milk or fresh bread were used in the making of this sandwich.

Free Hugs!

The guys are still quite sick but they had a few moments of good spirits spaced out through the day between layers of screaming and fussing.

Mummy and Martin in the Snow


After lunch the Wombats desperately wanted to sleep but instead we strapped them into carriers and brought them out into the freezing cold to go for a walk. Some doctor somewhere said that it's good to give them exposure to cold air when they're sick. Sounds like a bunch of malarcky to me but it was a good to get out and stretch our legs.

Ham and Pepper Risotto

For dinner I used up a bunch of leftover ingredients to throw together this risotto with garlic, onion, peppers, ham from the freezer, risotto, turkey stock, riesling, olive oil, butter, salt, pepper, half and half, kale, and fresh chervil.

Lurra Garnacha 2011

On our walk into town Jen was so impressed that our local wine shop was open that she said we should go in and buy a few bottles. We picked up this bottle of 2011 Lurra Garnacha because Jen felt the sheep on the label was "hilarious." I didn't find it all that funny but Jen and the clerk at the wine shop tried to convince me that this sheep was in some way humorous.

They failed.

Brouwerij Van Steenberge N.V. Leute Bok

To combat Jen's sheep I went with the goat, the symbol of German bock beer! In this case it was actually a Belgian version of said beer brewed by Brouwerij Van Steenberge. My parents got this one for me for Christmas and it was a very nice bock that was fairly faithful to style with a slight note of Belgian yeast.

And there you have it. We somehow managed to survive a dinner with no extra milk or bread. We really played with fire tonight. Now if we can just manage to get to a grocery store at some point in the next five weeks before we run out of food.

Time is a-ticking.

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