Thursday, July 21, 2011

Zucchini in the Morning, Zucchini in the Evening, Zucchini in the Afternoon

We've eaten a lot of zucchini in the past two weeks. It's hard to stay too creative when you keep receiving giant bushels of summer squash every week. At a certain point you run out of inspiration and just start throwing it into pasta and pizza to make it go away. I've had zucchini for lunch and dinner every night this week (and much of last week).

zucchini pizza on grill

I took all the leftover grilled zucchini from last night, some fresh zucchini blossoms, pizza sauce, and ricotta, then threw it on the grill. I'd fired up the grill and pushed the grate to one side to use it like a makeshift wood oven.

Grilled Zucchini Pizza with Ricotta

The result was pretty good. The bottom of the pizza was a bit crispy but it was a delicious way to use up the rest of the leftover zucchini. Besides, with temperatures near 100 degrees tonight it was good to keep the heat out of the kitchen.

Harpoon Summer Beer

For beer I poured this summer ale from Harpoon Brewery. I could have sworn I'd had this before but I couldn't find any reference to it on the blog. It's possible (likely, in fact) that I had it before the blog but if you have a beer and don't blog about it does that really count?

Grilled Peaches with Vanilla and Creme Caramel Ice Cream

When the grill was still nice and hot I also grilled up the remaining peaches from the share before they went completely overripe. With no ice cream in the fridge we had to stop by Longford's and pick up a couple of pints. Not the most cost effective way to supplement our dessert but certainly one of the most delicious ways.

It was nice to have Jen home and dinner over by 9:00 PM, particularly since today's Tour de France stage promised to be the most exciting of this year's tour. Since I'd managed to go all day without being spoiled on the outcome this made it even more exciting.

Now I'm going into a media blackout until we're done watching for the night. I hope that I get to see Alberto Contador turn in a disappointing performance but things never seem to go my way when it comes to rooting against Contador.

Still, there is the odd chance he could get knocked off his bike by a mountain goat. Fingers crossed!

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