Friday, July 15, 2011


When we were in France, not in German-speaking Switzerland, we saw something called flammkuchen on the menu. We asked the waiter what it was and he said it was like a crepe. We liked crepes so Jen ordered one but what arrived what almost certainly a pizza. A delicious pizza, don't get me wrong, but not a crepe in any way.

Lucerne Market Cookbook

When in Lucerne I picked up a cookbood for €44.00, the equivalent of $62.28. It was probably the most expensive cookbook I'd ever purchased but what better way to celebrate a trip to Europe than by getting a souvenir for three times what it should cost?

On the first page of the cookbook, the very first recipe, was for flammkuchen. So, we celebrated France yesterday, tonight it was time to celebrate Switzerland. Or at least this one recipe from an overpriced cookbook from Switzerland.

Black Mission Figs with San Daniele Prosciutto

But first I found some great fresh figs which I paired with some San Daniele prosciutto in from the fridge. Not exactly Swiss but both were not going to last much longer so it was now or never.

Ratatouille Flammkuchen

For the flammkuchen I rolled out some pizza dough and topped it basically with a ratatouille that I made with onion, garlic, and the summer squash and eggplant from the farm. I had also rendered some bacon in the pan first for some additional flavor. I spread the dough with quark. The recipe suggested creme fraiche but I used quark to keep it a little lighter. I topped the whole thing with some sliced assorted grape and cherry tomatoes.

Georg Schneider's Wiesen Edel-Weisse

Since there really aren't many Swiss beers in the United States to choose from (and if there were they'd all be lagers) I got this German beer to go with the meal. I picked out this Edel-Weiss from Georg Schneider. I picked it largely because of all the German beers there this one seemed to have the most German name. It was just a bonus that it happened to be pretty tasty.

Since our Tour de France All Access pass hadn't been working at all last night we watched Stage 12 this evening on the laptop to try to catch up.

Thematically, I suppose, we should be enjoying a Basque dinner since the tour is moving its way through the Pyrenees at the moment.

What can I say? Sometimes you have to really phone in your dinner/current events tie ins.

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