Tuesday, July 19, 2011

When the Cat's Away, The Mice Drink Belgian Strong Ale

When I have an emergency at work it usually involves some sort of plumbing issue, like a clogged toilet. When Jen has an emergency at work it usually means she has to go to a party and interview someone like Christie Brinkley.

Tonight Jen had such a work emergency and wouldn't be home until maybe 1:00 AM. Therefore I put my dinner plans on hold and decided that I was going to do two things I know Jen would not mind missing: drinking Belgian ale and having leftovers.

Dubuisson Scaldis Belgian Ale (Bush Ambrée)

I took a walk down into my beer cellar (in other words I crouched down to look at the bottom shelf in our fridge) to see what was in there. I found this Scaldis from Dubuisson. Interestingly this beer is known in most of the world as Bush. In some countries, like America, that name is not allowed so it is called Scalids. Why it's called that I don't know. At least this way there's no confusion with Busch, makers of terrible beer.

I'd been saving this for an occasion where having a beer with 12% ABV was okay. At only 8.48 ounces (250 ML) it's a pretty small bottle but still a very potent ale. I'm not exactly a heavyweight so 8.48 ounces ended up being plenty of beer for me for the evening. I think this beer would have been better in the winter months. It reminded me a lot of the Corsendonk Christmas Ale which is nice since that was one of my favorite beers of all time.

If you come across the oddly named Scaldis I'd highly recommend it. Just make sure you don't accidentally purchased Busch Lite.

Corn and Black Bean Burrito with Kale and Sour Cream

Since I needed something for dinner I put together a burrito using some kale and the leftover corn and black bean salad last night. All I added was a little sour cream and some smoked paprika.

My greatest disappointment in life is that I can't enjoy more beer. It would have been great to have a second beer but even after 8.48 ounces this strong ale made it difficult to have a second drink. Much like coffee I enjoy the taste but the effects prohibit me from ever having more than one a day.

I suppose that's not entirely a bad thing as far as my health goes. Being a lightweight pays off in the long run.

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