Friday, July 22, 2011

Everything Must Grill

It was 104° Fahrenheit today. Do I have to mention that I'm using Fahrenheit when I say the temperature is over 100°. Probably not, but I just like to make sure I'm not confusing all those people that live in every other country besides America. For the 5.6 billion other people in the world that's 40° on your Celcius dial.

Sorry to bring up the weather. Weather is kind of boring but it's important to note why we've been grilling so much lately. I also happen to love grilling but when the temperature gets much over 90°F and you aren't fortunate enough to have air conditioning it's hard to cook inside.

Grilled Peaches with Romaine and Balsamic

Firstly I used up the remaining grilled peaches from last night with some romaine, balsamic, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Not setting the world on fire with this one but that was kind of the point. It only took a minute to make.

Grilled Pork Tenderloin, with Baked Potato Salad, Cherries, Grilled Radicchio, Grilled Corn, and Grilled Green Beans

Everything else (pretty much) was from the grill. The only thing I didn't grill were some cherries and a the potato I used to make this baked potato salad. I simply baked a potato (in the microwave, of course) and made a dressing out of sour cream, whole grain mustard, fresh dill, cider vinegar, salt, and pepper. The dressing actually worked really well with the rest of the meal too.

I grilled up the remaining corn, radicchio from the farm share, pork tenderloin, and green beans. The green beans had a strange flavor to them. It turns out it was dill. After spending a week in the same bag in the fridge with the fresh dill they'd actually taken on a very strong flavor of dill which worked out far better than I would have imagined. Normally I wouldn't add dill to green beans mostly because there'd just be no discernible color contrast.

This is because, as I've stated before, I am kind of a jerk.

Brooklyn Pennant Ale '55

For a drink Jen opened some rose but I had this Pennant Ale '55 from Brooklyn Brewery. This one has been in the fridge for about four or five months. This is mostly because I just didn't think it would be very good. For some reason a baseball themed beer makes me think it would have tasted like the beer you'd get at a game. More specifically: Coors Lite.

However, I should have known better than to suspect Brooklyn Brewery of making anything that vile. I don't know if it was the delicious grilled food or the fact that my even my kneecaps were sweating but this beer was delicious. It was a perfect accompaniment to a fine grilled dinner.

A nice way to cool off after dinner, besides leftover ice cream, was to watch the last real stage of this year's Tour de France. Watching skinny guys suffer and sweat their way through the Alps on bicycles definitely cools your core temperature a little. And we could use any help we could get to cool us down.

104° is a Lot of °.

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