Sunday, August 16, 2009

West Side Burgers

Today began with a 10:00 AM departure to Governors Island. For seven years we've been saying we were going to go to Governors Island and today it finally happened. That's five islands down, twenty-eight to go!

We had a quick lunch on the island near a food truck that was blasting some C&C Music Factory. Even in the shade it was exceptionally hot, only the second or third day over 90 degrees we've had this summer. Cycling around the island for the rest of the afternoon may not have been the best way to beat the heat.

I was pretty sure I wasn't going to make it when we were half way into our day. Yet somehow we summoned the strength to not only move on but to go grocery shopping and make dinner. We didn't know what we were going to have for dinner until Jen spotted some bacon cheddar cheese at the store. She thought, "Wouldn't that be delicious on a burger!"

Jen made her traditional burger patties which I "grilled" on the George Foreman. I also made a quick sweet potato salad with garlic scapes, onion, celery, mayo, whole grain mustard, and bacon. Jen steamed some corn and got together all the burger accompaniments.

Jen was kind enough to stuff my burger with this delicious smoked Oregon blue cheese. I didn't know the blue cheese was smoked which was an unexpected treat. We purchased the bacon cheddar but didn't actually use it with our burgers. Partly because we were too tired to slice an additional cheese. It was all we had to keep our eyes open long enough to watch the offensive portrayal of Puerto Ricans in West Side Story.

The best part so far is the tomboy who is always yelling, "Pow! Pow!" at everyone.

She is a favorite.

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