Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Farm Share (Reprise)

Last night may have been an all time low for the farm share. A combination of fridge emptiness, missing last week's vegetable pickup, and general malaise contributed to this:

A particularly weak stir fry. Normally one would expect a nice variety of vegetables in a stir fry, however, all we had was that partially used head of bok choy from two weeks ago. I used that in combination with some shrimp and scallops form the freezer and made a quick coconut rice with farm scallions.

The results were adequate.

Today's farm pickup brought us Red and green tomatoes, cabbage, basil, cucumbers, white onions, lettuce, beets, squash, eggplant, Yukina Savoy, and peaches.

For a salad I used the lettuce, beets and scallions from the share with a little feta, Jersey corn, and tomato with olive oil.

We had some Bilinski sausages in the freezer so I used that with some of the savoy, onion, garlic, and garlic scapes to make this orecchiette dish. I made a light rosé butter sauce and topped it with a little Parmigiano.

I'm beginning to put together a shopping list the likes of which the world has never seen. Hopefully by Saturday we will have made a huge shopping expedition in hopes of restocking the fridge. Lately it's been quite a stretch to cobble together even a mediocre meal like tonight's.

Think of the marvels that may await if we were to get our hands on some exotic ingredients such as milk, chicken, and lettuce!

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