Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pesto is the Besto

In a week of late nights and uninspired meals the highlight may have been this ravioli from Nuovo.

The shrimp and Chardonnay ravioli were pretty tasty for the five minutes they took to prepare.

Today we spent the bulk of the day driving all over Connecticut and Westchester. Staying in the city and enjoying the fruits of community sponsored agriculture was just not enough to fill our yuppie quota for the weekend. Walking through the streets of various little towns in Connecticut rounded out our yuppie numbers quite nicely.

When we arrived home we had some farm veggies to use up. I made a tremendous amount of pesto with the remaining basil and garlic from the share that I used to coat and sear a nice piece of halibut. Along with that I cooked up the remaining farm onion, yellow, and green squash.

Maybe inspiration will return tomorrow. Tonight Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is on and that could kill anyone's inspiration to do anything. Perhaps by tomorrow night the dullness will have worn off.

Seeing all those fish-headed guys kinda makes me want to continue the seafood theme with a nice bouillabaisse.

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