Thursday, February 12, 2009

Root Root Root For The Home Team

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For those of you that aren't interested in clicking on links there are always tales of salads:

Today the salad was simply greens and avocado and olive oil. The avocado reminded me of the time that Kintaur Rosenbaum was fighting that space crab . . .

Kintaur Rosenbaum had to act fast. The giant space crab had his ship, The Magnetar in its galactic pincers!

"Stormbot," Kintaur said, leaping up from the cockpit seat. "Activate the airlock sequence, and prepare my spacesuit!"


"That's right. I'm going to meet this crab head on."

After a few minutes Kintaur was buckling up the final straps on his space boot. He then raised his zap pistol to his helmet visor. "Alright. Open the hatch." He cocked his zap pistol. "It's time to fry some crab!"

Kintaur hooked up his safety line to airlock exterior then used his magna-gloves and magna-boots to climb across the exterior of the ship. He slowly took aim with his pistol until he had one of the crab's giant bulbous eyes in his sights. "In your eye, crabby!" He growled as he began to squeeze the trigger.

Suddenly one of the crab's pincers gripped Kintaur around the waist and he lost his grip on his zap pistol. The space crab lifted Kintaur towards its needle-like teeth. As Kintaur struggled to break free from the crab's grip he caught the distant reflective glint of light from his zap pistol as it hurtled into the vastness of space.

Will the crab win or will Kintaur win? Find out in the next exciting installment of: Space Phalanx: The Human-Zzintar Wars!

For dinner we had chicken, raviolis, pan-roasted delicata squash and beets from the farm.

Our bag of vegetables is beginning to dwindle. When it is finished we will be faced with the harshness of winter. We do not have the ability to store or grow vegetables in our basement because it's actually made of concrete. And because the super lives there with his family. Damn pesky super. Maybe if I'm really nice he'll let me store a fifty pound bag of potatoes in his living room.

It can't hurt to ask.

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