Tuesday, February 10, 2009

An Apple A Day Keep The Scallops At Bay (or Sea)

Lately the apples from the farm share have been lackluster at best. However the apple I had for lunch today was quite tasty. Let it be known that in general I find an apple to be a rather unsatisfying snack. Apples in general don't usually entice me. Often times an apple has been recommended to me as a snack but usually when I have an apple as a snack it makes me feel like I'm still hungry but I have an apple-sized lump in my stomach.

I'm glad that today's apple didn't give me the same experience.

For a salad I sliced up another apple with some avocado and grated gruyere (which has gotten a lot of mileage at this point) with some honey dijon dressing that I whipped up.

For the main course I made the Swiss Chard with a little rendered bacon, cider vinegar, salt, and pepper. I served it with some pan-seared sea scallops and a baked potato. The chard was good but after cooking down the giant bag of greens it was barely enough to split between two people. The scallops were tasty but I did a horrible job of pan searing them. Look at them! No color at all! As is often the case with my cooking, hunger and impatience often take precedence over proper technique.

Tomorrow I'll be out of town but on Thursday I will need to do some serious damage on the giant bag of root vegetables that remain. Also, the odd bag of pinto beans still leaves me more confused than inspired. Perhaps I can come up with some good ideas if I put my mind to it.

See you all on Thursday! Hey, maybe Kintaur Rosenbaum may even stop by in his hijacked Zzintar time machine to join us for salad.

Spoiler alert!

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