Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting Our Shrove On

First off a couple of things:

1.) Follow our blog for cripes sake!

2.) There has been rumblings from two camps. One camp has no taste and does not recognize the visionary nature of my fantastic Science Fiction saga, Space Phalanx: The Human-Zzintar Wars. That group clearly has no taste in fine hard science fiction in the tradition of Asimov, Heinlein and Kube-McDowell. The other group is far more intelligent and recognizes this tale as the modern mythology that it is. In order to satisfy both groups I have created a dedicated site for the story which will now be updated separately. Enjoy: Space Phalanx: The Human-Zzintar Wars.

Now, on to the cooking.

Today was Shrove Tuesday (or so Jen tells me) so, in keeping with tradition, we had pancakes for dinner.

Along with the pancakes we made dueling bacon (American and Canadian -- we were unable to procure any Mexican bacon), and orange ginger skyr yogurt with fresh fruit.

That's the way we like to do it. Traditionally one is supposed to make crepes which evolved into pancakes which evolved into breakfast to dinner. By the time our grandchildren inherit this tradition it may have been bastardized into breakfast burritos.

And that will be the happiest Shrove Tuesday of all.

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uberlours said...

Hurrah for breakfast burrotos. Pancakes are exceptionally overrated