Thursday, February 19, 2009

Flanks For the Vegetable Memories

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With quite a few late nights this work week there has been precious little time to use up the remainder of our final 2008-09 farm share veggies. Luckily for us the remainder of the vegetables are all of the root variety allowing for a long time left alone in our shabby fridge's crisper.

Tonight was the first night this week I got home before 8:00PM so I wanted to use this experience to actually do some cooking. Last night we were both home so late that we ended up ordering from Plum Pomidor. While it was annoying to not get a chance to cook I got over it quickly after a few forkfuls of Parpadelle with Bolognese.

Tonight, howerver, I cooked.

I started off by making a beet salad with some Honeybell tangerines which have been delicious lately. I used the juice and some olive oil as a dressing and finished it off with a dollop of goat cheese.

For dinner tonight I boiled some of the farm potatoes, turnip, golden beets, white beets, and carrots. I served that with some roasted broccoflower, wilted beet greens, and a simply seared flank steak with carmelized onions. The whole reason I wanted to make flank steak tonight was to match the wine we opened yesterday:

Earth, Zin & Fire was s real winner. It was an extremely tasty zinfandel which justified the slightly higher price than I normally pay despite the enigmatic message on the bottom: "With Special Guest: Old Gnarly." What the hell does that mean?

After dinner we tended to our garden which, as you can see, has developed to the point that we are now using a nickel (instead of a dime) as a frame of reference. Any day now we may be able to herb rub a chicken. A tiny, four ounce chicken.

That's what I call progress.

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