Saturday, February 28, 2009

Down Home Cooking

I promised some family members I would show them how to sign up and follow this blog. Don't have a Google account? It's easy! Create one. Then follow our blog!

This week was pretty busy. After several twelve hour work days (for both of us) we drove up to Rhode Island on Thursday after we had an unfortunate death in the family. After the funeral I decided to go out get some ingredients to make dinner for the family that was staying the night.

There was some nice Parrano cheese and Chilean grapes on sale so I picked them up along with some hazelnuts which I crushed on top of the salad with a little lemon and olive oil. The Parrano reminded me of this recipe I created a few years back in honor of an Italian gentleman that I worked with who was relocating. The salad featured some of his favorite ingredients and I made it in tribute to him. Seriously.

Everything that I just wrote is true but I didn't really realize how weird it was until I wrote it down.

I also roasted leg of lamb which I had stuffed with thyme sprigs and whole cloves of garlic. I also chopped up some fennel and roasted it alongside the lamb. I also roasted some butternut squash and steamed some broccoli crowns.

I also made some roasted red potatoes. For reasons unknown these potatoes took about 45 minutes longer than the lamb to cook. After two hours they had barely browned up. I've roasted quite few potatoes in my personal and professional cheffing career and I can think of no culinary explanation why these potatoes took so long to roast. It's a mystery for the ages.

For dessert I made a little whipped cream which I served with strawberries, blueberries, and angel food cake. My mother made brownies which we also enjoyed with coffee.

Tonight we got home around 8:00 after a hellish trip through White Plains. If you get the chance to visit White Plains, New York I would highly suggest passing on the opportunity. Maybe we're making snap decisions but that place sucks.

For a salad we had mixed greens, anchovies, capers, kalamata olives, tomatoes, balasmic vinegar, and olive oil. Why these particular ingredients?

Because we decided to have Pasta Puttanesca for dinner. Getting home as late as we did we didn't have time for much. Jen made the sauce while I looked for parking. The longer I drive in New York the better I am at detecting subtleties in a pedestrian's gait that allow me to determine they are walking towards a particular car. Then it's just a matter of waiting by their car while they take their sweet time vacating their parking spot and I'm in, baby!

Tomorrow there is snow and sleet in the mix and we aren't planning on leaving the house at all. I'm so tired right now I'm contemplating sleeping through until Monday.

Sundays are overrated.

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