Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Two Little Peppers and How They Became Sausage and Peppers

I got home around 7:30PM this evening so it was another quick meal. We had tons of salad materials from the farm share this week so putting together a salad was simple. (Isn't it always?)

We just had the mixed greens with the tomatoes and cucumbers and a little leftover lemon vinaigrette we had in the fridge.

I made a quick sausage-and-pepper dish with the farm share onions, garlic and peppers. I threw in some Italian chicken sausage and served it with a baked potato. We've got a lot of sour cream to use up before we leave for France!

The bell peppers from the farm were very tasty. Normally I hate green bell peppers. Personally I don't believe in them. They're usually bitter and nasty and far less sweet and delicious than their yellow and red cousins. I don't think they have any place in serious cooking. I mean, which color of pepper do you see Chairman Kaga biting into at the beginning of every episode of Iron Chef?

I rest my case.

A dish like sausage and peppers begs to be accompanied by beer. It's hard to tell from this picture but we had tiny seven ounce bottles of Heineken in the fridge so we enjoyed one each. It's kind of like beer training wheels. Technically I don't think it should even count as having a beer to have such a tiny amount of beverage.

Later we decided to split a seven ounce beer between the both of us. That's 11.5 ounces of beer each!

Don't worry, we didn't drive anywhere.

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