Monday, July 27, 2015

Renaissance Men

On Friday we took the boys on a trip to Grandad's farm to see his vegetables.

Helping on Grandad's Farm

Along with their cousin they had a good time helping Grandad. Most of their help came in the form of stomping on his plants.

Helping on Grandad's Farm

They also helped haul a zucchini roughly 50% their own size.

Snack Break

But mostly they stayed in the cool of the air conditioned car eating snacks.

Martin Learns to Make Whipped Cream

I was making some whipped cream for dessert and Martin was very insisted on helping. He actually made most of it and was fascinated by the process as it slowly came together.

Whipped Cream with Berries on Sponge Cake

We topped it with fresh berries all on sponge cakes and it was pretty popular. Not ice cream popular, but popular.

Bristol Renaissance Faire

On Saturday the day finally came when we gave the boys their birthday present: a trip to the Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin.

Bristol Renaissance Faire

We lucked out in getting there early and securing a boss parking spot. Initially the faire was fairly empty as we traversed its thirty acres. The boys enjoyed playing on thrones and watching a jester belittle me in front of them.

Bristol Renaissance Faire

Grandma and Josie enjoyed finding any shaded area possible in the 95 degree heat. Thankfully it was overcast and extremely shady. Even with those factors in our favor it was on the outer borders of bearable.

Bristol Renaissance Faire

Elliott declared himself captain of the pirate ship and agreed to have me serve as his first mate.

Bristol Renaissance Faire

After watching the 1938 Robin Hood with Mummy the night before Elliott took to the bows and wanted one. Thankfully we were able to distract him and save ourselves from either spending $90 on two bows for the children or enduring a massive tantrum.

I'm not sure which would have been preferable.

Bristol Renaissance Faire

Jen did, however, get them some Robin Hood hats with feathers of their favorite colors. Not the preferred hat for 95 degree heat but they will get a lot of play in the cooler months.

Bristol Renaissance Faire

I thought Martin's favorite part would have been the turkey leg given his intense love of meat on the bone. It may have been the heat or the fact that he was unable to lift it but he only made it through a few bites.

I took Martin to get lemonades which were an impossible distance away. They served me three without lids of a carrier and I had to carefully balance them on the long trip back, all the while having to convince Martin to carry on through the high temperatures, at one point stopping and placing them on the dirt ground to adjust his pants.

Bristol Renaissance Faire

When we returned Elliott was having a tantrum due to me leaving, the heat, and the fact that we had waited too long to feed them. Eventually a large man dressed as a guard starting mimicking his cries and he just stopped, defeated, and sulked until we convinced him to get a sno cone.

Bristol Renaissance Faire

We finally made it to the jousting stage after a lady rubbed some sort of perfumed oil on Jen's hand against her will. I was pretty sure Jen was going to use her free hand to knock the lady out so we could see the jousting before it ended and save the children from complete rebellion.

Bristol Renaissance Faire

It finished up with an impressive acrobat troupe called Barely Balanced. After peeing for the first time in six hours and seeing this Elliott was sold on this and he chatted about it the entire way home while Martin slept.

Knight Castle

There was no nap to be had but they did made a castle in the shed to protect themselves from dragons.

Trips like this teeter on the brink of disaster but with some careful management of snacks and distractions they can be quite a lot of fun. The upside is that it shortened the time it took for them to go to bed to about twelve seconds after the door was closed.

Days like this are fun but they make you glad that they do not happen more than once a year. You truly need every moment of time to gear up the nerve to try it again.

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