Friday, November 30, 2012

Small Joys

Today Jen brought the Wombats to the doctor for a follow up appointment where Elliott was given a clean bill of health. After 10 days of antibiotics which had worse side effects than what they were curing he was good to go.

Elliott in Bumbo in Gym

He celebrated this news by returning home to play in his play gym and squeal so loudly that Jen and I could not carry on a conversation. That is to say that he did exactly the same thing that he does every night.

Pan Roasted Salmon with Dill Cream Radishes

While the guys played with Jen I seared this salmon in a pan with some salt, pepper, and olive oil and served it with a salad I made of sliced radish from the farm, dill, salt, pepper, cider vinegar, and sour cream.

Charter Oak Beer Company Royal Character Pale Ale

Much to my mother-in-law's dismay I then had a beer. She has taken to texting Jen to praise my wit and tell her to tell me to spend less time writing about beer and more time posting pictures of her grandchildren. This is understandable in that she has little interest in beer. However, having a single beer and writing about it after dinner is one small joy that I have time for these days and, therefore, I will continue to write clumsily about the beers that I have with dinner.

Tonight's brew was this Royal Character Pale Ale from Charter Oak Brewing Co. This is the second entry I've had from this new brewery. It was a bit more bitter than I'd expect from a pale ale with a slightly chalky finish. Another thing I noticed about this beer was that I wonder if the mother of my wife is still even reading at this point. If she is she will learn that there was a slightly soapy scent from the yeast in this beer. She will also be absolutely delighted to know that hoppy malt finish hop characteristic caramel bread. A hundred bucks if you comment on reading this within twenty four hours. Foam head body carbonation sediment ABV IBU lacing.

Wombats at the Dinner Table

We revisited letting the wombats join us at the dinner table tonight. It's a bit cramped on the dinner table so this generally means that most of dinner is spent with the boys resting their feet on the bread that we're about to consume. Since their feet rarely touch the ground it's not actually that bad. Except for the times they poop so much that they fill up the legs of their footie pajamas.

No biggie. It'd take more than that to turn down some freshly baked Italian bread.

Viva la parenting!


Diane said...

Soapy taste! Yuck! Who'd want that?

Diane said...

Even a soapy scent! Even worse!

Diane said...

3 comments within 2 hours. Ha! Less beer more babies please

Unknown said...

She speaks! I can only assume you must have texted Jen first.

I will certainly blog more about babies for the first person willing to match my salary. Then I'll have so much more time to work on it!

The ball's in your court. I await your response.

uberlours said...

When are you sending the hundred bucks? Shall I look for it with your Christmas card?

uberlours said...

When are you sending the hundred bucks? Shall I look for it with your Christmas card?

Unknown said...

Ha ha ha. I'm not paying.

Lisa said...

Did I make the 24 hours? Keep the 100 bucks, just more Wombat pics! They are getting so big!

Lauren.Story said...

Did I make it in time? To be fair I only read it because the following blog refers to it, but it should still count.

Unknown said...

Lisa and Lauren, you both missed the 24 hour window. But, you also weren't included in the original offer.

And since I have no honor I and am not paying your mother you two are DEFINITELY not getting any money.

Sorry. You snooze you lose. Also, with me, you wake you lose!