Sunday, November 25, 2012

Say Uncle . . . Dave

My parents had intended to visit on my birthday but since Hurricane Sandy instead forced us into a hotel and to go out to eat with the boys at a restaurant instead. Birthday visit plans were postponed until yesterday.

Elliott with Auntie Deb and Uncle Dave

In addition to my parents were Auntie Deb and Uncle Dave. It was Uncle Dave's first visit with the Wombats and they took to him right away, particularly Elliott.

Martin Testing Out the New Walker

Each time my parents visit they bring more booty for the boys. On this visit they brought their walkers as we suspected they were just about ready to start using them. Martin was the first to test it out after a great deal of frustration and finger-pinching on my part. I'm learning now that the Baby Trends brand of baby items are designed for maximum safeness and efficiency for babies. Unfortunately for me and Jen's fingers the same is not true of the adults who have to use the devices.


Martin's feet almost touched the ground so by Christmastime I expect that both of them will be zipping around the apartment, knocking over all manner of furniture and reminding us of how poorly we have baby-proofed our apartment at the moment.

Martin was extremely cheerful in the beginning part of the day and took great joy in Grandpa Butch testing out the humor value of random English words. The verdict: most are pretty hilarious.

Italian Pizza

For lunch the family brought over what back home is referred to rather redundantly as Italian Pizza. It's basically like a focaccia with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese on it. We also had the eggplant version which I've never had before and it was quite tasty. This is another classic from back home that I have only ever had at family gatherings. It was nice to have it brought to me in New York because apparently there aren't enough pizza options here to include this particular variety.

Raymond Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon

With the pizza I opened this 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon from Raymond Vineyards which I picked up on my recent trip to Napa. After emptying this bottle I regret having only purchased one bottle.

Mom's Beef Stew with Egg Noodles

For dinner my mother made this beef stew with egg noodles. I foolishly only heated up 3/4 of the amount she made then when we completely tore through it all I had to sheepishly return to the kitchen to heat up the remainder and cook the rest of the egg noodles.

I guess I'm a little rusty on how much food to prepare for more than two adults.

Founders Brewing Company Imperial Stout

While everyone else enjoyed wine I poured this Imperial Stout from Founders Brewing Co. I do enjoy a heavy beer with a nice stew. While this was not quite at the same level as their KBS (and what is?) it was a really nice, bitter, imperial stout that I enjoyed over the course of about an hour.

Auntie Deb and Uncle Dave Snuggling with Elliott

After dinner Deb and Dave had some snuggle time with Elliott who seemed just about ready to go home with them at the end of the night.

Nate's Belated Birthday Cake

I even got a birthday cake! It seems odd at my age to celebrate a birthday at all, even on my birthday. It was from my favorite bakery back home, Wright's Dairy Farm. We continue to monitor the babies' interest in food per our doctor's instructions so that we know when it will be a good idea to start them on solid foods.

Grandpa Butch with Martin (Not Interested in Cake)

Martin was not very interested in the cake as Grandpa Butch ate his.

Auntie Deb with Elliott (Very Interested in Cake)

Elliott, on the other hand, was very interested.

Auntie Deb with Elliott (Very Interested in Cake)

After realizing that we weren't going to give him any cake Elliott was very satisfied with chewing on Auntie Deb's finger.

Uncle Dave and Auntie Deb with the Wombats

It was an exhausting day for the Wombats but they held it together until the very end. It was a little bit of a battle getting them to bed but when they finally did fall asleep it was a ten hour affair. This is extremely encouraging to me as I have always wished to be well-versed in tiring out children for a long night's sleep. That long night's sleep equals lots of opportunity for productivity for me. Unfortunately what happens instead is that I fall asleep eleven minutes into a twenty-two minute television show after dinner.

Productivity is relative.

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