Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Name! That! Leftover!

That's right, Everybody, it's time for everyone's favorite home-freezer-based gameshow: Name! That! Leftover!

Tonight's contestant is Nate. Nate lives in New York and was recently challenged by his wife, Jen, by saying that they both needed to do a better job of going through their leftovers. Well, folks, can Nate take up Jen's challenge? Let's find out!

Tonight Nate rummaged through the freezer where he found two unmakred plastic bags with some sort of frozen ingredient in each. After carefully weighing his options he took a bold move by opening both bags and heating them up in the pot! What will he do with this? Will the two mystery ingredients be compatible? Will Jen be regretting her challenge to Nate on the previous evening?

Let's find out!

Unholy Sausage Amalgamation

It was a bold choice to combine both bags but once they began defrost in the pan Nate found out that they both appeared to be sausage dishes of some sort. One appeared to be some sort of sausage and pepper dish while the other looked like a sausage and sauerkraut concoction!

How would they go together?

Daring use of two mystery ingredients together: 25 points!

Leftover Mystery Sausage Sandwich with Tarragon Mustard

Not so bad, it turns out! Nate heated them both up in the same pot with a little leftover braising liquid from the osso bucco the other night. He toasted some challah rolls and served the sausage mixture along with some tarragon mustard, melted cheddar cheese and pickles!

Sneaking ingredient Jen does not like (challah) without her noticing: 50 points!

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

As an accompaniment Nate elected to served this 60 minute IPA from Dogfish Head.

Rare IPA that both Jen and Nate like despite an overall dislike for IPAs: 15 points!

Ice Cream Cake

For dessert Nate returned to the freezer to get a slice of an ice cream cake that he and Jen had slowly been eating for the past month.

Return tot he freezer: 10 points!

Nate's total for this evening comes to 105 points! That's a solid showing and makes Nate eligible for our Week's End Showdown! Tune in on Friday night to see Nate battle against his fellow contestants to battle for the using-all-the-parts-of-the buffalo trophy!


uberlours said...

Sounds like a wonderful meal. I love UFBC. (Unmarked Freezer Bag Challenge)Play it as oftern as I can

Unknown said...

Maybe we can play together some time on Team Unmarked Freezer Bag Challenge. That's my favorite variant other than Celebrity Unmarked Freezer Bag Challenge.