Friday, September 16, 2011

King of Pears

It's only been a few days but the fruit flies have already taken a great deal of interest in the immense amount of fruit we have. Having to act fast I jammed most of them into the fridge and decided to begin utilizing them as quickly as possible.

Red Clapp and Bartlett Pear Salad with Fourme d'Ambert, Toasted Hazelnuts, and Kale

I sliced up a Red Clapp pear and a Bartlett pear and threw them on top of some kale with Fourme d'Ambert cheese and toasted hazelnuts. Fourme d'Ambert has quickly gone from an unknown cheese to my favorite cheese ever.

Rogue XS Imperial Red Ale

To pair with the salad I poured this tiny bottle of Red Imperial Ale from Rogue Ales. I wasn't quite sure what to make of this beer. The bottle had loads of information on it:

12 Ingredients:
Malts: Great Western Harrington, Klages, Hugh Baird Crystal, Black, Munich, Chocolate and rolled oats.
Hops: Willamette, Cascade and Chinook.
Yeast & Water: Rogue's Pacman Yeast & Free Range Coastal Water.

19.4º PLATO
58 IBU
76 AA
47º Lovibond

Most of that makes little or no sense to me. I actually know what PLATO and IBU are. I've heard of some of the hops varietals and yeast strains, but most of that is a bunch of nonsensical gibberish that they could be making up completely and I'd be none the wiser. This bottle was loaded with information that I didn't really need to know but it was missing one vital piece of information that I did need to know: alcohol content!

How does a beer like this not let you know that? It doesn't even say on their website what the ABV is for this beer. I am guessing it's around 9% only by reading through user reviews on Beer Advocate. I am also guessing this based on how I feel after drinking a mere seven ounces of this beverage.

Pan Roasted Alaskan King Salmon with Grilled Corn and Sweet Potato Salad

For tonight's dinner I got a killer deal on King Alaskan Salmon. I seasoned up a piece of salmon with salt and pepper then seared it a pan and threw it in the oven for a few minutes. I also made a salad out of grilled corn, boiled sweet potato, black beans, roasted red peppers, cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, salt, and olive oil.

King Salmon, it turns out, is pretty good. I'm not sure if it's called 'King' because it's really large or because it's really good and, apparently, I'm too lazy to Google it. Maybe it's because it's really expensive.

Whatever the case, I'm looking forward to the next time I find it on sale.

Because I'm really cheap.


uberlours said...

King salmon is another name for the Chinook salmon, a specie of salmon most commonly found in the Pacific Northwest.I might add that the King salmon is not farm raised which I beleive raises the question of this blog's author prefering the milder, farm raised Atlantic salmon for both taste and envoronmental friendliness.
Which was extoled at some length in a previous posting.

Unknown said...

Thank you,