Thursday, September 29, 2011

After Midnight, It's Gonna Be All Tomatoes and Soup

Tonight started with yet another dinner after 10:00 PM. Basically, we're like honorary Spaniards.

Smoked Salmon Mac & Cheese

Since it was so late I had to cook something up quickly so that we didn't die. So it was that I repurposed Jen's macaroni and cheese from last night by adding a splash of milk and the leftover smoked salmon. It turns out that smoked salmon is pretty delicious with macaroni and cheese.

Roasted Roma Tomato Soup with Wheat Crostini and Aged Cheddar

Jen had recently seen a tasty-looking tomato soup with cheddar on Smitten Kitchen. This looked pretty tasty so I ordered some soup crocks and got to work.

I roasted some Roma tomatoes in the oven while I caramelized onion and garlic in a pan. When the tomatoes were fully roasted I took them out of the oven, removed the skin, and added them to the onions with a splash of red wine. I also added some dried thyme then put the ingredients into the food processor.

Roasted Roma Tomato Soup with Wheat Crostini and Aged Cheddar

When they were pureed I topped with some wheat bread and shredded Grafton cheddar before broiling in the oven.

Weihenstephaner Vitus Weizenbock

Since I'd done such a poor job of keeping with our Oktoberfest theme so far with this meal I turned, once again, to the world's oldest brewery: Weihenstephaner. This time I went with their Vitus Weizenbock, a beer I expected to be something Jen would hate ended up being right up her street.

Tomorrow I may have moreo than 15 minutes to make dinner so you'd better look out! If I have this much to ramble on about with a 15 minute dinner imagine what I could waste your time with if I had 30 minutes!

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