Monday, September 12, 2011

Balsamic Glazed

This week the farm share was back on, just in a hobbled form. Hurricane Irene with her 12 mile per hour winds managed to destroy most of our lives. The last casualty being our weekly farm share.

Last week they announced that we'd be getting a bi-weekly share of just fruit. Evidently the tree fruit had been high enough to withstand the flood waters and we'd be getting a share of fruit every other week.

Stoneledge Farm CSA Fruit Share Week 1

An immense share of fruit!

This week we got: Bartlett pears, Seckle pears, and Red Clapp pears. We aso got a bag of nectarines and peaches as well as some Fortune plums.

Thankfully Jen had gone to the greenmarket over the weekend to get some vegetables or else this week's dinners would more closely resemble Carmen Miranda's headgear than an actual dinner.

Thomas Hooker American Pale Ale

As I prepared dinner I enjoyed this American Pale Ale from Thomas Hooker Brewing Company. I wasn't really looking forward to it after reading the reviews on BeerAdvocate. Most people seemed to think it had an unappealing taste and postulated that the beer had maybe gone bad. I actually happened to like it even though I don't generally care for pale ales.

This may be more proof that I know nothing about beer. And you know what? I love it.

Heirloom Tomato, Baby Beets, Feta, Wallnuts, and Parsley with Olive Oil and Balsamic Glaze

I started off by boiling these tiny beets Jen picked up at the market. I only knew they were beets because Jen told me they were beets. I would have just assumed they were radishes. After boiling them they got even a little more pale and didn't color the water at all.

I served the peeled beats with some feta, homemade balsamic glaze, chopped walnuts, and yellow heirloom tomato slices over a bed of mixed baby greens.

We're bringing salad back. (Ye-ah!)

Grilled Chicken Breast, Roasted Rainbow Carrots, and Grilled Fairy Tale Eggplant

For the main dish I grilled up some bone in chicken breast along with some peaches and mini Fairy Tale eggplant that Jen got at the farmer's market. I grilled the peaches along with the chicken mostly because I thought I'd better get a jump on all this fruit before it conquers us.

I also roasted some of the purple, yellow, and orange carrots that Jen got at the farmer's market. Apparently Jen went into a store with them (the greens still attached) and the cashier eyed them as if Jen were transporting a baby alien around with her in a canvas bag. When Jen removed the carrots to show her and the cashier saw that they were yellow this blew her mind! Oddly, when Jen showed her the purple carrots she was not moved at all.

The unfortunate part about the purple carrots is that once peeled they are just some orange carrots. Delicious orange carrots, but orange carrots nonetheless.

Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream with Grilled Peaches and Balsamic Glaze

For dessert I grilled up some peaches and served them over Longford's Tahitian Vanilla ice cream. The balsamic glaze I made earlier was very simple. It was one part balsamic vinegar, one part water, and one part cane sugar reduced over a low heat by one third. When it had cooled slightly I drizzled a little of this glaze over the top with the grilled peaches.

This was the best dessert we've had in a while. I get the feeling we're going to have to go a little heavy ont he fruit desserts if we want to work our way through this week's share before fruit flies take over our home.

Ah, it's nice to feel opressed by produce once again. The farm share is not dead after all!

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