Friday, September 2, 2011

Classic Beer Weekend (Part 1)

So, with Jen in Montreal for the weekend, I figured I'd focus on classic beers. These are beers that are not exactly rare but that I haven't had in a really really long time. The first beer is one I haven't really had since 1997, and that is Anchor Steam Beer from
Anchor Brewing Company.

Anchor Steam Beer

After reading a lot of Michael Jackson and watching his fantastic series, The Beer Hunter, I became interested in trying this beer again. Listening to Michael Jackson talk about just about any beer makes me salivate at the thought of trying it.

Here, Michael Jackson, foams up his goatee on an Anchor Steam. Listening to his voice, a voice he shares with Rowan Atkinson, just makes me want to sample whatever he is interested in.

Anchor Brewing Company was "saved" by Fritz Maytag. This is the same Maytag family that makes the washing machines, and the blue cheese. So it was that I figured I'd best accompany this beer with some of the cheese.

Blue Cheese Burger with Homemade Pickles

Jen took my camera with her so I must resort to taking dark pictures with our old point and shoot camera.

I made a burger with a toasted English muffin, Sir Kensington's spicy ketchup, farm tomatoes, Jen's homemade pickles, and chips.

With the food dwindling in the fridge and Jen out of town it's probably best that I just drink some beer until she returns. After all, what is food really but a thing to pair with beer?

I really haven't found much other use for the stuff.

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