Friday, March 19, 2010

Reuben and the Jets

Tonight was finally the night to utilize our corned beef leftovers to make perhaps the greatest leftover dish: Corned Beef Reubens.

I used the leftover seeded carraway rye bread with a little butter and olive oil in the pan. I topped the corned beef with a little thinly sliced Emmentaler and some sauerkraut. I made the sauce a little differently than I had in the past. I just used mayonnaise, ketchup, dijon mustard, chili, Worchestershire, and a little sweet pickle relish.

There were so many leftover root vegetables that I decided to use them to make a salad. I chopped up potatoes, turnip, rutabaga, golden beet, and carrots and made a dressing very similar to the one I used for the Reubens. I also chopped up some scallions and tossed in some peppadew for good measure.

I believe this year's Reubens were even more triumphant than last year's. A factor in that may have been that Jen was not recovering from knee surgery and had full mobility. That will make any dinner taste better.

As a final touch I served the sandwiches with Grillo's Pickles, a pickle company from Boston, Massachusetts. some would suggest Rick's Picks as they are a bit more local but Grillo's are fairly new in this area and I wanted to give them support. If you are into pickles you should definitely check them out. You can find out where to buy Grill's Pickles here. Or follow them on Twitter.

You know, if you're the type of person who wants to follow a pickle company on Twitter.

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uberlours said...

your Reubenesque dressing sounds suspiciously like Thousand Islands. Which I find works just fine on this most wonderful of sandwiches. The Bubble and Squeek from a prevouls post is a wonderful accompanyment to a majestic Reuben.