Monday, March 22, 2010

No Choice Eats

Tonight Jen was enjoying Choice Eats 2010. I would have been enjoying this as well if I weren't too stupid to have claimed tickets early enough. No matter. While she was enjoying the Village Voice's third annual tasting event I was enjoying my own first annual tasting event: Hastily Cobbled Together Eats 2010. Participating chefs: me. Distinguished guests: me. Other guests: none.

It was an all day extravaganza of getting rid of the crap in the fridge! I started off by repurposing last night's skirt stead on some leftover garlic bread with some Emmentaler and a little of the remaining Reuben sauce.

I also had some more peppadew and another Grillo's pickle. It may have been better to have made a hot soup out of all this on this cold and rainy day but conventions be damned. It was a good lunch.

Later on I used the remaining grilled vegetables from last night, some frozen pesto I uncovered in the freezer after the power outage, shrimp, scallops, and a little cream to make this Pipe Rigate with pesto cream sauce. I served it with some salad, peppadew, tomato, and Jen's citrus vinaigrette from last night.

It was really my only option for dinner. The fridge is notably bare this evening and if I wish to actually make dinner tomorrow night I'm going to have to do a little replenishing.

Sorry, Jen. Too bad you had to go and enjoy some of New York City's finest restaurants tonight! You missed out on all of these hastily thrown together leftovers!

Don't let it ruin your evening. I saved you some leftovers. What could be better than a speedily crafted pasta? A cold speedily crafted pasta, that's what.

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Sandy said...

Yum that all looks delicious.