Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March Into Spring Into March

Ah, Spring. It's such a great season for cooking. It's totally my fourth favorite season for cooking! No exaggerating!

And what better to ring in spring than some hearty root vegetables like these beets? Along with some "gourmet" tomatoes (I believe they're called "gourmet" because some of them are not simply red) some Mt. Vikos Feta, watercress, red leaf, and beet greens it made for a fantastic first course.

We enjoyed this meal with some Karma Vista Merlot which we purchased on our trip to Michigan last summer and which was thoughtfully transported to New York by Jen's father this past November.

What better to celebrate the coming of Spring than these wonderful spring onions? I'd intended to grill them but the pouring rain and cold prevented me from doing any outdoor cooking this evening. Instead I roasted them in the oven and served them with some balsamic glaze.

For the final course ia d fakd akldj; klfadj;ladkj;lak,amdnalkdnadnf

Oh, sorry about that. I got so bored by the dinner course that I fell asleep right on my keyboard! For the final course I roasted a half chicken with some rosemary and some roasted red bliss potatoes. Yup. That's about it. Not breaking any major culinary ground here.

For tomorrow's dinner I'm going to balance this boring dinner out by cutting open a rattlesnake and eating its still beating heart. Nothing says spring like beating rattlesnake hearts!

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