Thursday, March 11, 2010

Of Fish, Dinosaurs, and Giant Onions

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To continue with our unintentional pescetarian trend tonight's dinner was more of the same.

As a first course I made this salad with baby spinach, roasted sweet potato, forbidden rice, pepper, scallion, and orange zest with a little sesame oil and tamari. While I'm not feeling as repulsed by the thought of another big green salad as I was a few weeks ago it is still nice to do something a little different and try to hide some salad ingredients in another dish.

It's kind of like those ridiculous books that were a trend for about five minutes a few years back, usually authored by the wife of some really famous comedian.

There was some beautiful vermillion snapper at Fish 'R' Us, our local purveyor of marine foods. What makes it vermillion instead of red? I'm not sure. I guess this fish was just a pretentious asshole.

I roasted it up with some lemon zest, Cara Cara orange zest, and parsley along with some wedges of fennel.

I then also steamed a cubic yard of Lacinato Kale which is about the quantity you need for two people assuming they are eating plenty of other foods. I prefer to refer to Lacinato Kale by it's other name, Dinosaur Kale, since it looks exactly like awesome dinosaur skin! Roar!

Samuel Adams Nobel Pils. Please note, you must be over 21 to read about this beer because apparently we live in the most ridiculous country on the face of the Earth. If you are under 21 please pass the time by viewing the most heinous pornography you can until you are old enough to read about beer.

Sam Adams is a brewer that only makes one beer that I don't like: regular Sam Adams. The Nobel Pils was pretty tasty. It should be, it uses all five nobel hops! And I'm sure that means something!

After a long held policy of not doing very much baking I broke with tradition and baked some brownies this afternoon. Sadly there was no ice cream to accompany these brownies but we enjoyed them nonetheless.

In addition to all of this I found a HUGE onion at the grocery store the other day. I didn't even need any onion but it was so big, so glorious, that I had to buy it. Even Shawn Spencer doesn't know what to say about its incredible size. It cost about $3.50 because of it's immense weight.

Totally worth it!

* Only valid if you still want an iPad in 2048.


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