Saturday, November 28, 2009

Turkey Dinner . . . Pizza!

This afternoon Jen made a turkey salad with nappa cabbage, raddicchio, scallions, turkey, and a sweet soy dressing. Regretfully we did not capture a picture of this creation.

For dinner tonight I made this pizza using all the turkey leftovers with some grilled pizza dough and a small amount of Fontina over the top. Jen was suspicious of this dish (as she often is of my cooking) and in the end would prefer her "tastes kept separate." I prefer my tastes as intermingled as possible so I was a big fan of tonight's dinner.

Jen had purchased this wine on the recommendation of the wine shop guy who said it would be a good accompaniment to turkey dinner. I'm not sure if he meant that to include turkey pizza but I thought it worked very well.

For dessert we had some leftover cupcakes from Betty Bakery in Brooklyn. Some kind friends that visited this afternoon had brought them over while we provided lunch.

Now the only thing that remains is perhaps a turkey pot pie and we may have made our way through this tiny turkey. The only thing that will remain then will be making the tiniest pot of turkey stock in history, followed by the world's tiniest soup.

I do love a tiny meal.

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