Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Spooktacular Feast

With my parents in town and Halloween upon us it was finally time to carve the giant, expensive pumpkin we procured last weekend on our trip through Westchester County.

We managed to save up enough of the random local newspapers that we inexplicably get delivered to line our floor for a good carving session.

The dinner we made was a traditional Halloween dinner. Well, maybe a traditional dinner at The Olive Garden. We made heirloom tomatoes and mozzarella salad, stuffed shells, and salad. The only thing missing: unlimited bread sticks, the spookiest Halloween dish of all!

Tonight I made a salad with the leftover tomato and potato from the other night with a little additional lemon and olive oil.

For the main course I used the pumpkin seeds to make this chili-cumin pepita crusted mahi mahi. Tonight's challenge was in trying to make anything edible out of the nearly vacant fridge but I think we did our best.

Tomorrow's dinner will likely be three boiled potatoes unless some sort of grocery store visit takes place. Tomorrow's dinner happiness depends largely on whether of not time will permit said shopping trip.

Fingers crossed for time.

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