Thursday, December 11, 2008

Miso Allergic To Spiders

A series of events have lead to this blog being sadly under-updated recently, not the least of which was me getting a weird allergic reaction from potential spider bites. Seriously. At least that's my doctor's official take on it.

Jen made this delicious little ditty the other day with some shrimp, orcchiette, and feta cheese. I must have been at work that day because I didn't get a chance to sample any of it.

One thing I did get to sample was the delicious cookies made by Jen and Caolan while I was at work. They went fabulously with a hot cup of chai after lunch. I may have had more cookies than are visible in this picture. I may have also gotten a little sick by eating too many cookies. I may also be a five year old.

Jen also purchased some mistletoe at the store which she suspects may have just been some old, wilted sage that they tied a red ribbon around and marked up to $3.99.

Last night we went with Paul & Caolan to see The McGarrigle Christmas Hour at Carnegie Hall where I took the above picture before getting in trouble and being asked not to take any more pictures.

The "hour" was actually three hours which in which the stage was populated by some of the most incredible singers I've ever heard, and Lou Reed.

However, this morning I left work early after a strange dizzy spell (spider bites?) and returned home to make myself some miso soup with a little green chili paste, spinach, tofu, edamame, and boiled noodles. It seemed to do the trick because my extreme fatigue and dizziness were replaced by mild fatigue and dizziness which is far more preferable.

I continued the miso theme through dinner by making a salad with clementines and tofu which I marinated in a miso wasabi dressing with sesame oil, wasabi, tamari, and rice wine vinegar.

The miso theme concluded with some miso-glazed tuna that I made with spinach, edamame, and boiled potatoes (I just wasn't in the mood for rice).

And with that it is time to relax and watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and potentially one other Rankin-Bass special (time permitting).

Wish us luck! We don't need luck for the specials, just to avoid the potentially poisonous spiders!


caolan said...

Oh, man! I hope those spiders weren't from Carnegie Hall!

Actually, I guess it would be better if they were from Carnegie Hall and not your apartment. Stay undizzy!

Unknown said...

One of the spiders was performing a political spoken word piece accompanied by synth. Do you think that's a clue?