Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Desk Dinner

As I've had a bit of a busy stretch at work I have had quite a bit of computer work to catch up on. Also, last night's dinner (and excessive post dinner snacking) left me feeling a little queasy all night and into the morning. So I decided on two things: 1.) Tonight's dinner was going to be a little more tummy-friendly, and 2.) I would eat my dinner at my desk. Jen was having dinner at a work function so the desk dinner would be something she would not have to witness which was good because it would cause her infinite sadness (and not of the Mellon Collie variety).

I made myself a salad again with clementines, chiles, shallots from Holland (isn't that weird?), olive oil, salt, pepper, and some toasted naan bread. I also made some miso soup with a touch of green chile paste, a dash of tamari, some noodles, chopped spinach, and poached chicken breast. Aside from the chicken breast this would have been the perfect vegan meal!

For dessert I responsibly ate a single chocolate marshmallow. That was it. I was being responsible. The marshmallow was all I ate. Except for the slice of pumpkin pie. And the yogurt.

And maybe some chestnut ice cream later.

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