Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Dinner of Mythic Proportions

As the holidays rapidly approach there has been little time for cooking, and far less time for blogging about it. That being said, there have been a few culinary creations this week.

On Sunday night I was treated to a midnight curry that Jen had made using potatoes, leeks, and carrots from the farm all served over basmati rice.

On Monday Jen made a shrimp lo mein sort of dish with carrots and tatsoi from the farm.

Last night we met friends at Otto for a pre-holiday dinner.

After work I took a much-needed nap and woke up with a renewed interest in being awake. It was 8:00 so I had to put together a very quick dinner. I started with some salad greens from the farm along with sunchokes, shallots, almonds, goat cheese, and a mustard vinaigrette that I'd thrown together.

I made some Severino Radiatori with Bilinski pesto romano chicken sausage, sauteed tatsoi and mystery green (possibly spinach) from the farm, garlic from the farm and some turkey stock and Parmesan cheese.

This pasta obviously needed a wine that was named after a mythical creature. But which creature would serve best?

That's right. The bunyip. I left my Minotaur Merlot and my Ohio Grassman Chardonnay untouched, waiting for the perfect meal to accompany.

For dessert I made a maple chocolate sauce for over some chestnut ice cream.

And that's that! Tomorrow we embark upon our journey to Chicago for a few days. Why, you ask? To track the elusive bunyip of course!

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