Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Buffalo Stance

Yesterday I was still a little under the weather. After sleeping until 9:30AM I was still exhausted and just couldn't seem to shake it. In the afternoon we went to UPS, got some lunch, and opened a new bank account, and afterward I felt like I'd run a marathon and needed a nap.

We went to a new place that opened up on 181st Street called the Hudson View Restaurant. Similarly to the Hudson View Apartments they're building a few blocks away, I can only assume that the view they're referring to is the imaginary view you would have if you went up on to the roof and then stood on a ninety foot tall ladder. That is, after demolishing all other buildings in a square mile radius, of course.

Incidentally the Hudson View was very good and extremely reasonably priced.

After coming home exhausted I took a nap then we started watched the Rankin-Bass Rudolph followed by The Hobbit and the animated The Lord of the Rings. We enjoyed some hot miso soup with noodles, shrimp, tofu, spinach, and edamame to keep warm on a chilly night.

Jen woke up before the sun this morning to go to Central Park for a race. I slept in, still recovering from whatever weird exhaustion the evil spiders had given me.

I woke up with just enough time to brew up some hot tea and go pick Jen up at 102nd street after the race. With the temperature in the low twenties the hot tea was a big hit as was the insanely overheated car.

When we got home I made Jen an omelette, toast, and some coffee to further warm her up after her race. Don't tell her but the omelette was made almost entirely out of leftovers from our lunch the day before, at least the peppers and tomatoes from my smoked salmon bagel. I use all the parts of the buffalo. I also added shallots and some 75% reduced fat Cabot cheddar which was good, but not as good as the 0% reduced fat variety.

After breakfast it was off to pick up this month's winter farm share. Normally there's someone out there sort of watching over the boxes. Today it was just a bunch of unmanned boxes with a piece of paper flapping in the wind. I checked off my name and then used my integrity to not take three boxes instead of one.

The share was pretty good: cider, apples, pears, two giant leeks, tatsoi, a head of garlic, carrots, potatoes, butternut squash, mixed salad greens, and some other mystery green (not pictured) that was buried under the mixed greens.

For lunch we had leftover Reuben from the yesterday and leftover miso soup. I also made a salad out of the cucumber and tomato from the smoked salmon along with sesame oil, tamari, shallots, rice wine vinegar, and sesame seeds, as well as a radish. Again, I use all the parts of the buffalo.

After lunch we rounded out our Tolkien Fest with The Return of the King, the Rankin-Bass version of course. What a bizarre and inconsistent trilogy the animated Tolkien movies make.

With Jen being exhausted from a day of running and me being exhausted from two days of being exhausted we did what any intelligent, fiscally responsible people would do after picking up 20 pounds of produce: we went out for dinner!

Coogan's, all decorated with loads of Christmas trees and lights, was the perfect location for our dinner. We had the Buffalo calamari, some shepherd's pie, and the horseradish crusted salmon.

Now we are nearly comatose, having just wrapped up Jen's least favorite holiday movie, A Charlie Brown Christmas. We'll see if we can polish off one more flick before we pass out.

This week will not be very update-rich as we have work, holiday obligations, and a trip to Chicago to contend with. We will try to keep you abreast of our happenings as well as our rotting vegetables as we get the chance.

We may not use so many parts of the buffalo this week.

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Anonymous said...

I really did 'lol' when you talked about going out to dinner after you'd just picked up a mountain of produce. Glad I'm not the only one who does that sometimes! :)