Monday, June 17, 2013

The Father's day Miracle

On Thursday, Elliott developed an incredible diaper rash. He didn't seem to care at all but it was pretty ghastly. I was able to avoid a complicated doctor's visit by just having them call in a prescription cream for the sores he had. Unfortunately day care will barely give a baby food without a signed document from a pediatrician so we resorted to only applying at home.

Elliott Nude Time

Since this suddenly came on we've enjoyed some nude time after baths recently. Friday night Elliott got to crawl all over our apartment to let his rash air out. By some miracle he did not pee all over the floor. In that regard I feel like Jen and I are particularly lucky. Personally I've only been peed on once or twice by the babies. They have shown amazing restraint in that area.

I'm just hoping this doesn't mean they're going to be pee on us all the time when they're teenagers.

White Pizza with Roast Chicken, Tomato, and Red Pepper and Balsamic Glaze

Jen was in the mood for pizza so after getting them to bed on Friday I made this pizza with ricotta, mozzarella, roast chicken, roasted tomatoes, roasted peppers, and balsamic glaze.

Sierra Nevada and Russian River Brux Domesticated Wild Ale

To enjoy with the pizza I opened this bottle of Brux, a collaboration between Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and Russian River Brewing Company. It was recommended to age this beer but I've had it for about six months and just wanted to have it right away. I'd highly recommend it if you can find a bottle.

Hillrock Solera Aged Bourbon Whiskey

After dinner I had a small glass of this Solera Aged Bourbon from Hillrock Estate Distillery in upstate New York. This was an anniversary gift from Jen as it is aged in wood for our wood anniversary.

This was easily the best bourbon I've ever had. Truly incredible. I had to look up what "Solera Aged" meant and after reading all about it I now realize that I still don't understand what it means.

It's damn good though.

Last Swim Class of the Season

Saturday morning was their last swim class of the season. I'm glad they are unable to understand this because if they knew that this was the last class for a while I have a feeling they'd be pissed. They love swimming so we're going to see about how we can get them back soon.

Playing with Uncle Dave

After class we got a visit from Nana STIM, Grandpa Butch, Auntie Debbie, and Uncle Dave. We took them to the park by the beach and had a nice lunch and some playtime. They were a little cranky from having to wear sunscreen and hats but they still had a pretty good time.

Bubses Opening Presents

When we got back they got to open presents. Grandpa Butch got them some shirts from his trip to Arizona and a book about Rabbits that Martin is in love with.

The Wombats in their Boston Bruins Jerseys

Uncle Dave got them some Bruins Jerseys which they wore propelling the Bruins to tie up the Stanley Cup Finals against the Chicago Blackhawks. That was a sound investment.

Nana STIM's Moussaka

Nana STIM brought some incredible moussaka.

Uncle Dave, Auntie Debbie, Grandpa Butch, and Nana STIM

To me it looked like it had been made by someone who had confused our group of six normal adults with a group of 12 NFL linebackers, however, there was barely any left when we were done with it.

Auntie Debbie, Nana, and Martin Reading Bedtime Story

After a long day of routine-breaking it was time to attempt getting the guys to sleep.

Grandpa Butch Multitasking

Grandpa Butch got it all on tape. However, what he didn't get on tape after leaving was one of the worst bedtime wind downs of all time. After a long day of getting riled up and being off routine they were not interested in sleeping at all. Eventually, after much wrangling, they drifted off to sleep and we were left stunned, bruised, and ready for sleep ourselves.

Father's Day Loungin'

I worked on Father's Day but got home early enough to hang out with the guys before their bedtime. When I got home I discovered that Jen had done all of the laundry. I'd pretty much planned on spending all day Monday doing laundry and was now at a loss with how to spend my day knowing there were now zero loads that needed to be done. That may have been the best Father's Day present (or any kind of present) ever given to me.

Wombats First Nectarine

Wombats First Nectarine

Wombats First Nectarine

I also had time to feed them their first nectarine, amongst large quantities of other foods.

In a start contrast to last night we just bathed the babies, fed them their bottles, and they both instantly fell asleep with absolutely no protest. It was possibly the best Father's Day gift I will ever receive.

Ruby's Oyster Bar & Bistro Bistro Burger

Ruby's Oyster Bar & Bistro Ruby Burger

For some reason I was desperately craving burgers so we ordered some take out from Ruby's Oyster Bar & Bistro and had one of each of their burger options.

It was incredible. If you haven't done it in a while I highly recommend getting two burgers and just eating every last bite and all of the fries. But you have to eat all the fries. Just do it. You'll be glad you did.

Brasserie Dieu du Ciel! Peche Mortel

To go along with the burger I had this Peche Mortel from Brasserie Dieu du Ciel!, another from our Quebec trip back in February. It's a coffee stout that is barrel aged for a year and it's fantastic.

High West Whiskey

To top off the evening I enjoyed a small glass of this High West Whiskey from High West Distillery in Utah. This was the other half of my anniversary gift. While not quite to the level of the Hillrock it was still very, very good.

I now have more whiskey and bourbon that anyone has any right owning. If you want to come to my place for a whiskey and bourbon tasting please give me a call.

And do not drive.

Elliott's Uncomfortable Sleeping Position

Martin's Uncomfortable Sleeping Position

When we went to check up on the Bubses after dinner we found the secret to their fuss-free bedtime. Apparently it involved working themselves ito the most uncomfortable positions imaginable. The key to a good night's sleep is apparently in jamming your feet and legs through the slats of your crib.

Hey, whatever works.

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Nico S. said...

They make these mesh things called breathable bumpers so they can't get their legs and arms stuck but you don't have a giant silly bumper on the crib. I have had Zooey wake up in screams because she couldn't get her leg untwisted!