Sunday, June 9, 2013

5 Years, 11 Months

On Friday it rained all day with the threat of floods. Knowing the routine I moved both of our cars to higher ground and we went to bed hoping for the best.

Brook at Near Flood Stage

By the morning, when we went to take the guys to swim class, the rain had stopped but the brook was nearly ready to flood. Just another dodged bullet as we foolishly prepare to renew our lease for another year.

Apparently we're just not content with the amount of time we've spent evacuated and the amount of money in storm-related losses since moving into this place four years ago.

Saturday was the Wombats' eleventh month birthday. Elliott has been indicating that he would be crawling any day now. We woke up in the morning with him being unable to crawl but at some point after lunch something clicked and he suddenly realized how to crawl. This meant that he was able to repeatedly escape the living room and go to the hallway where he looked as if he'd discovered the lost city of gold.

Anniversary Dinner at Bedford Post Inn

In addition to being the Wombats' eleven-month birthday it also happened to be our five year wedding anniversary. We took advantage of this by getting a babysitter for the first time ever and going to Bedford Post Inn.

It was a great meal. If you don't want to be bored with what we ate, please skip ahead to the next section.

Citrus Cured Sardines on Toast

Mixed Crostinis of the Day

We started off with the citrus cured sardines on toast and the mixed crostinis of the day.

Pappardelle, rabbit sausage, fava beans & leaves

Fagotelli, parmigiano fonduta, chopped truffles

That was followed up with the pappardelle, rabbit sausage, fava beans, and leaves (not sure what that means) and the fagotelli, parmigiano fonduta, and chopped truffles.

New York Strip Steak Special with Broccoli and Shiitake Mushrooms

Half Grilled Lobster with herb butter

I had the New York Strip steak special with broccoli and shiitake mushrooms and Jen had the half grilled lobster with herb butter.

Marble Potatoes, garlic, lemon

Sugar Snap Peas, Wild cucumber, feta, mint

As an accompaniment we ordered the marble potatoes with garlic and lemon and sugar snap peas with wild cucumber, feta, and mint. I don't actually think there were cucumbers or mint in the latter but that was fine with me.

Maple Mousse with caramelized banana and brown butter ice cream

For dessert with had the maple mousse with caramelized banana and brown butter ice cream which was outstanding.

Deputy Jo Lupo

And, to top it all off, our waitress looked just like Deputy Jo Lupo from Eureka!

That truly made it an evening to remember.

And, speaking of television cops, we saw a real cop on our way home from Bedford which just happens to be one of the richest places we've ever been. The cop had pulled someone over in a giant police SUV. We couldn't see the car that had been pulled over until we passed and this is what we saw.

1922 Studebaker Special 6 4 passenger Roadster Convertible

Okay this isn't exactly what we saw. I found this on some antique car website but the car and the people in it are almost identical to who had been pulled over by the police. It was a perfect way to leave this ritzy town and return to the poorest corner of our pretty ritzy town.

Bubses and the Digger

The next morning we woke up early and decided to walk to the beach with the guys. They were doing some rebuilding from the storm and we were able to take this picture with the babies standing next to a digger before being chased away by the beach police.

Water Break at the Beach

We had a nice little time sitting in the park by the beach and all enjoying a refreshing beverage as the late morning sun was starting to make things quite warm.

Bubses at the Yard Sale

We even stopped by a yard sale on the walk home where we contemplated buying a great number of things that we didn't need but ended up settling for some measuring spoons and cups so that the boys could play with them instead of using the ones we actually use for cooking.

Sleeping Bubses After Walk Home From Beach

Minutes before arriving at home both guys fell asleep just in time to be woken up for lunch.

Egg Yolk and Cheese Omelet

When they were awake I made them their first omelet with only egg yolks and cheddar. This was only after Jen and I arguing about whether of not they should have egg whites as well. This is the source of our only real parenting disagreement. Jen feels that they should wait until they are a year old to have whites because the most common allergic reaction to eggs is from the protein in the whites. I argue that they've had eggs in any number of baked items they've had in the past but that argument doesn't get me anywhere.

If we can make this marriage work despite these differences I think there's hope out there for everyone.

First Omelet

First Omelet

The first omelet went over pretty well despite the fact that Martin treated it like he treats every new food. That is to say he reacts as if he's just licked a lemon.

First Watermelon

First Watermelon

The same was true of the watermelon they snacked on later in the afternoon. They really only napped for a matter of minutes despite the two hour walk we took to the beach. The main purpose of the walk, of course, was to let them nap.

By the time I left for work at 5:00 PM they had just settled in for their first nap of the day. I felt a pretty intense wave of guilt come over me as I left Jen alone for what promised to be a challenging evening.

Working until 4:00 AM in the morning while nursing a pretty bad sunburn was the easy way out. It's been eleven years together, five of them married. Eleven years from now we should have it a bit easier.

We just need to figure out who takes the guys to karate practice.

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