Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bachelorette Week

A lot has happened since Nate last posted. This entry will deal with almost none of that stuff.

Nate is in the beautiful state of Wisconsin this week for work -- he is, in fact, in the beautiful, cheese-loving city of Milwaukee (Algonquin for "The Good Land") -- so it has been me and my two main men all week. (In re: the title: can it really be a bachelorette week, I ask myself, if a lady hangs out with two small dudes all week? I think it can.) So this entry will focus on our crazy bachelorette shenanigans. Nate, once back in the bosom of his family, can go back in time to recap then.

Debbie and the Bubses

Anyhow, it's been an eventful week. On Monday, our friend Debbie -- who had spent the weekend making the acquaintance of the guys -- left, along with Nate, just as dawn's rosy fingers were streaking their way across the sky.


I fed the guys, Martin hugged/oppressed his brother, and then it was off to daycare/work until we reconvened afterwards for a quick dash to get the vegetables (to be covered in Nate's post, since I don't actually know how to get pictures from his camera) and then lots of fun times standing up in various cribs. During the standing party (also a climbing party, in Martin's case), Martin's enthusiasm for his newly discovered skill got him a little overambitious ....


And he gave himself a nice juicy fat lip, which showed its fullest form the next morning. Happily, It didn't seem to bother him.


Tuesday I rushed home after a post-work celebratory cocktail party for a coworker to get the dinner party started. Elliott was a big fan of dinner, apparently -- I walked into the room to see that he had dislodged Martin's supper bowl and was emptying the contents into his own bowl.

Elliott Tackling Martin

But that wasn't the night's biggest achivement. After their bath, I left Martin in the hallway on a towel while I carried his brother into the Bubserie to get changed. And the I heard it. Slap slap slap slap slap. Yes, the distinctive sound of a small child crawling down the hallway. Martin, two weeks after his brother, was rejoicing in a sudden, astonishing mobility.

I annoyingly missed getting a video of the sight, but I DID get this snippet of the boys in action this morning. Immediately after this video, Elliott commenced a repeated hug-tackling of his brother that didn't stop until Martin shrieked and I separated them. Brotherly love is a beautiful thing.

Today my munificent employer allowed me to work from home, so I was in better shape than normal when I picked up the guys from daycare. (Where Martin reportedly spent the day sleeping almost not at all in favor of exercising his new abilities at all times.) But while things started off well, they went south fast. There was more hug tackling. There was a Martin so tired and presumably gum-sore from teething he refused to eat his dinner, and then refused his bottle after almost falling asleep in his chair. There was an Elliott shrieking in rage because his dinner was interupted in favor of putting his brother to bed. There was a Martin crying piteous tears because he was given Tylenol for his teeth. There was a Martin throwing all of his meager dinner up in protest of the Tylenol. There was a mother-son bathing experience. There was an Elliott who, shockingly, fell asleep in his clothes eating his bottle. There was a brother who then refused to sleep.

Anyhow, the boys were both asleep by 8:30, but I felt a strange malaise that was hard to shake. Being vomited upon, I suppose.

However, boys are asleep, lunch is made, and there are still a few hours of this day left to do a few last labors. As much as I have enjoyed my one-on-two time with the guys (barf-malaise aside), we are all looking forward to Nate's return tomorrow night. There are a few things to be done beforehand. Make room in the fridge for all the cheese I presume he's bringing home, for one -- if you're returning from Wisconsin, it's the only polite thing to do.

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