Thursday, December 8, 2011

Things Jen Hates

Jen is out of town and you know what that means. That's right, it's time for me to show, once again, that I haven't lost my bachelor skills. Like any self-respecting husband I take advantage of these opportunities to do all those things that I'm not normally able to do when the ol' ball and chain is around.

C'mon guys, you know what I'm saying, right? Right?

Pickled Herring on Buttered Toast

Thing #1: Pickled Herring

I started off by toasting some old bread, smearing the slices with butter, and topping them with pickled herring. I was starving when I got home from work so I just made this to use up some old herring and bread and keep me conscious while I made dinner.

Mmmmmm, old herring.

Curried Turkey with Chickpeas and Butternut Squash

Thing #2: Leftover Turkey

Jen hates leftover turkey. Come to think of it, Jen hates just about anything that is leftover. Turkey is the worst offender though. Turkey to her is something that must never be reused.

I found half a butternut squash in the back of the refrigerator from Thanksgiving that was surprisingly still good. I chopped it up and used it to make this turkey curry with onion, garlic, ginger, garbanzo bean, turkey stock, curry powder, salt, and pepper. I thickened the stew with a little cornstarch and served it over white rice.

Steenbrugge Tripel

Thing #3: Strong Belgian Ales

Well, I guess Jen likes these a little more now than she used to. At any rate this Steenbrugge Tripel from Browerij Palm was pretty great. All over the label they talk about how this is made with "gruut" which is a collection of spices and herbs that was used during medieval times. I just like saying, "Gruut!"

This beer had me at the stained glass look on the bottle and won me over with their Belgian yeast flavor (and, of course, their gruut).

I'm both predictable and easy.

Mystery Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce

Thing #4: Unidentifiable Things from the Freezer

While rummaging around I found a mystery container with some sort of ice cream in it. I had no idea what kind of ice cream it was or when it was from. Like cooks in medieval times I decided quickly that I would try to mask any off flavors with a sauce so I made some chocolate sauce and applied it generously. It actually wasn't that bad. After further investigation it looks like it was probably a cherry ice cream I made back in July.


Thing #5: Some Movies from the 80s

I concluded the evening with The Last Starfighter. For some odd reason I have never seen the complete movie from start to finish so I figured now was as good a time as any. My movie watching habits are usually pretty bad. I procrastinate a lot and usually get around to watching movies well after their sell by date.

Maybe next year I'll get around to seeing The Goonies for the first time!


uberlours said...

I have some herring that is undated that I am saving for your post christmas visit.

Unknown said...

After last night I don't think I'm going to he having herring for a very, very long time.

uberlours said...

At least until 1/1/12

Unknown said...

Much, much longer than that unfortunately.

uberlours said...

pigs feet?

Unknown said...

I think it's going to be some time before I really want to eat anything.

uberlours said...

Know the feeling. Some dastardly person slipped a Huckleberry Wheat beer among the IPA's etc. What an awful experience!

Unknown said...

Huckleberry Wheat, eh? That sounds like a beer designed to ruin your day.