Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sweet Chili Sauce is Coming to Town

Tonight was a rainy and dark drive home. I think I might be turning into an old lady because I don't really like driving in the dark and rain anymore. It makes me nervous.

I'm thinking that it'll only be about ten more years until I'm complaining about the kids these days with their loud music and jazz cigarettes.

Grimbergen Double Ale

As I prepared dinner I enjoyed this Double Ale from Grimbergen. Founded in 1128 they've been brewing beer for 883 years. That's 883 years longer than I've been brewing beer!

I can't recall if I had this one in France this summer but I did have their Blonde and enjoyed it quite a bit. This bottle looked and tasted like it's probably been hanging around in the liquor store for a little while. Still it was quite enjoyable.

Plus, it was a good way to settle my nerves after that drive home!

Lime Sesame Salad

For dinner I threw together a quick salad with these beautiful tender salad greens from the Finger Lakes. I simply tossed them with lime, sesame oil, sesame seeds, a dash of soy sauce, and shredded carrots.

Sweet Chili Baby Bok Choi with Chicken Breast

For the main course I fried up some ginger and garlic in sesame oil then browned some chicken breast and tossed in the baby bok choi and cooked it down with a little sweet chili sauce. I served it all over white rice. Not exactly revolutionary but good enough.

Tonight was also time for Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

I'm a man now, Tanta!

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