Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Say Tomato

The window for tomatoes, actual delicious tomatoes that taste like tomatoes, is a small one. As we do every year we are taking advantage of sampling the tri-state area's finest tomatoes with every chance we get.

As a child I hated tomatoes. It wasn't really until my teenage years when my father decided to plant some tomato plants out in the yard that, I really developed a taste for them. I think it was because those tomatoes were delicious. They were red (instead of white), soft (instead of crunchy) and could be enjoyed with nothing other than salt and pepper.

I often find myself hating tomatoes as an adult whenever I'm greeted with a disgusting white and crunchy tomato on a sandwich. I'm much happier to just omit the tomato rather than slice up these abominations just for the sake of having something red on a sandwich.

I got some grate cherry tomateos from Hepworth Farms which may have been the finest cherry tomatoes I've ever had in my life. Along with some kale, feta, and olives I made this salad which was thoroughly enjoyable.

These tomatoes are grown on the Hudson river, about 90 miles from us by Amy Hepworth. She may enjoy eating maggots but she can grow one hell of a tomato.

You keep eating those maggots, soul sister!

I took yesterday's leftover heirloom tomatoes along with some corn from Mitchell Farm in Southbury, CT; bacon; sea scallops; and bacon. This is one of my favorite flavor combinations in the entire world.

We broke with the whole local theme by importing our wine from Chile but what is one to do?

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