Monday, August 23, 2010

Captain Oxheart

That tomatoes of Mountain View Farm in Kent, Connecticut continue to be the best I've had this season. The latest variety of choice is the variety named (not for the squeamish) the oxheart.

While roughly the same size, shape, and meatiness an actual oxheart it is comes along with far less of the guilt and revulsion associated with eating organ meats. Hearts are not tops on my list but I far prefer them to brains. I have a strict rule against eating anything that anyone (or anything) has been thinking with. This is why my adventures with Indiana Jones have been decidedly kept to a minimum.

The oxheart tomato is a fantastic tomato for slicing and eating au naturale. I paired this one with some Gouda Parrano, tired of the typical mozzarella accompaniment.

Along with some fresh sourdough bread this was pretty much all we had for dinner. Actually we had something else but it was just some amalgamation of leftovers that followed a tough act.

Just hoping I can eat enough of these during their incredibly short season so that I am sick enough of them to get me through the remaining 48 weeks of the year. Wish me luck.

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