Thursday, February 18, 2010

Canadian "Bacon"

Tonight had a promising start. The Olympics were on and we got a chance to watch some slalom and snowboard half-pipe skiing. In honor of the event I even made a Canadian-themed meal!

I got some beautiful organic pork tenderloin from Canada to celebrate. Unfortunately for Vancouver it was from their least favorite province but still Canadian nonetheless. I pan seared it and served it with sweet and Idaho potatoes which I baked with some thyme, chili, and maple until they developed a nice crispy crust. I then threw some spinach in to the pan after I removed the pork for a minute and served it on the side.

It was a great use of the left over potatoes from Tuesday and the fresh spinach I had in the fridge. Unfortunately the night took a turn for the worst.

After about ten minutes of good events the remainder of my evening was taken up by figure skating. I could totally deal with figure skating if it were doled out in similar doses to the other events. However, after the first hour my interest started to wane. After four straight hours I was thinking unsavory thoughts about this bizarre buzzard-man pictured above.

Maybe tonight they'd be kind enough to sacrifice a tiny amount of their insane coverage to show me some curling, skiing, or even a documentary about how they paint the lines on the snow for downhill skiing. Anything to get me a minute's reprieve from this horrible, cringe-inducing "sport."

Thankfully there's only five days of ice dancing and woman's figure skating left. It's almost over.

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uberlours said...

Can't be Canadian Bacon without some cornmeal.